Monday, February 23, 2009

weekend trip

This weekend, Matt was attending a writer's conference in OKC. Not to be left behind, the girls and I went along and had some fun in OKC. First stop? Sam Noble Museum of Natural History. I told Cassidy she was going to come face to face with an apatasourus (sp?) in the elevator. Here's her reaction! Here's the big fella.
Courtney's thinking about fishing, I think.A beautiful day in February called us to the OKC zoo for the afternoon. The park there is awesome.

Hangin' with the tigers.This ostrich was hilarious. He ran to the fence and started biting it over and over. I don't think he was after us, because he was still biting it after we walked away.
We love to watch the gorillas. We were there at feeding time. That was fun because they were so busy and close to the window. One of the young ones crawled around looking for grapes. That's all he ate. Picky kids...
Cassidy the gorilla.Cassidy the chimpanzee.Chillin' in our hotel room.
One little monkey jumping on the bed.Matt had a really good conference and the girls had a fun little road trip. Like the elephants from the OKC, we are now in the Tulsa area.

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Howard and Kim said...

I SO wish we could have been there with you! We love the OKC zoo, we love the Sam Noble museum, we love Matt, Martha, and girls...

glad you got away and enjoyed the weekend!

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