Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring breakin'

Well, my Tuesday night concert - Elton John & Billy Joel together. It was AWESOME! Really. Too bad I forgot to take my camera.

Thursday, the girls both had a friend join us for a trip to the Tulsa Zoo. Here's some sights for you.

"Just take the picture, Mom!"
Hello from one of Tulsa's river otters!
Having a blast!
We're now taller than an emporer penguin!
Much giggling and silliness makes for a great day!


Howard and Kim said...

Looks like a fun day, and I want one of Courtney's t-shirts. The same company has a new adoption design. I am considering using the new design as a fund raiser.

We're counting the days until we see you!!

Jill and Rick said...

Fun spring break days! We're having to carefully plan our activities over break - squeezing in outdoor fun in between the rains!

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