Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May days

Mother's Day is just one of my favorite days. As I came into the choir room at church Sunday morning with wet paint on my hands from one of my gifts from the girls, a wise friend reminded me to cherish these days. The potted flowers here are ink pens in a pot painted by Courtney. She knows I just love all things with polka dots lately. Cassidy's pot holder with her hand print on it didn't make it into the photo, but it's really cute. The Precious Moments figure is entitled, "A Mother's Love is a Warm Glow." Made me a little misty - that's their goal. They always watch my eyes closely for moisture.

Cassidy's sporting a new hairdo. It was her idea and it works for her. She's pretending to enjoy her schoolwork here. She's as ready for summer break as anyone.
This is Courtney's expression upon hearing that counting today, we have 8 days of school left. You think she's pleased?Cassidy started her day by coloring a picture of a golden retriever that she printed off of the WonderPets website. Does Aunt Cheryl like?
Courtney prefers to play with Sweetie instead of coloring pics of doggies. May's almost half way gone and I'm not sure how that happened so quickly. I'm looking forward to summer fun, but I would like the time to slow down just a little bit!


Howard and Kim said...

It's time for some summer fun girls! I know some people who would love to see you at a hotel pool, the zoo, the mall....

Love the new haircut!!!

Jill and Rick said...

Cassidy, I love your haircut! Very cute. and Courtney, you're showing another talent with the flower pot you painted for your Mom - you did a great job and the flower pens were the perfect "plant"!

We're ready for summer here too. Allie has only two days of preschool left and Ashlie has 11 days of class left.

How's the packing coming?


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