Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow 2010

When my girls have a moment of sweetness with each other, I have to capture it! Love this! Pictures from our back yard.
This is Sweetie the hyper dog biting Lilly the calm dog. Sweetie was following Lilly all around the yard nipping at her. Lilly puts up with it for a while, then she turns on Sweetie and tells her in no uncertain terms to knock it off. These two dogs' personalities remind me of my girls.

My INCREDIBLE creativity! This is the abominable snow monster. The dog ruins the effect a little, huh?

It started out as an abominable snow bunny, but the dog ate the ears shortly after I took this picture.
Courtney picking icicles off of the house.
Courtney feeding the icicles to the dogs.
Snaggle toothed Cassidy enjoying an icicle
This was our fun in the snow.
Here's our story of NOT fun times in the snow. Last night, we got stuck in the van twice. I needed to attend a wedding rehearsal at Post Oak Lodge, which is up in the Gilcrease Hills. The first time we were on a hill on Gilcrease Museum Road. We couldn't go up and we were sliding back down sideways. A truck topping the hill was sliding sideways and we just braced for impact. Our angels intervened and the truck missed us by inches. The angels then slid the van around 180 degrees and pointed us back down the hill! It was pretty amazing!
We then took another route to our destination to Post Oak Lodge.
When we started to leave, we couldn't get out of the parking place. After Matt & another guy pushing (a lot), we got out of that also. The van, Matt, and the nice guy helping us got mud splattered and very tired, but they did it! We then headed back into more traveled roads and peacefully drove to the Oilers hockey game. No troubles to and from the BOK Center thankfully. Tonight? Back up the hill to the wedding. I'm told they've already plowed and sanded the hills up that way. I'm saying thanks for that! We've said a few prayers of thanks for our safety last night too.


Susan said...

Glad you all stayed safe! I love it when my kids are lovin on each other too.

Jill and Rick said...

Martha, I'm glad that you guys were okay after your treacherous travels on the ice/snow. So scary, I know. & I love all the pics, girls AND dogs!


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