Monday, May 26, 2008

Dancing with my Cinderellas

Since hearing of the Steven Curtis Chapman family's loss of their 5 yr old Maria this week, I have tried really hard to appreciate my girls just a little bit more. A couple of weeks ago, I set my cell phone ring tone to SCC's song "Cinderella" to remind me that all too soon our kiddos move on in one way or another. (Click on video bar to the right to hear the song.) When it rang a couple of days ago, my dh suggested that I might want to change that for a while since he could tell it made me sad by turning my thoughts to the Chapman family. I told him that although it wrenched my heart every time, it reminds me more than ever that I need to make the most of every moment with my kiddos. I'm with them so much that I tend to let them annoy me more often than I turn my full attention to them in a positive way. Remember to pray for the Chapman family - my heart especially goes out to the big brother who was driving the car who struck and killed his little sister. What a load to carry for all of them.

Today was a complete joy. Matt & I took the girls out to pizza then bowling. We had SO MUCH fun. Too much fun, I'm afraid, to have taken any pictures. Sorry! You'll just have to imagine Cassidy dancing in her totally out there non-selfconscious way to every song that played over the loudspeaker, jumping up and down in sheer joy when any pins fell down, and cheering, "Go Sissy, Go Sissy" for Courtney before she threw her ball. Now imagine Courtney helping Cassidy throw her ball and getting a strike, the girls high fiving, and Courtney holding Cassidy in her lap as they watched Daddy. Now imagine me throwing a gutter ball and having a fit...well, nevermind. Wipe that one away ;) I'm thankful for a simple, good time with my family. That's the stuff memories are made or not.


Howard and Kim said...

We've been trying to slow down and dance a little more in our house too. I think Maria's death may impact many of us, in a positive way for God's kingdom. It saddens me to know that it takes something like this to make me realize how very blessed I am.

Your fun time sounds great. Your description was better than any photo could hope to be!

Love you guys!

Jill and Rick said...

Martha, your day of pizza and family fun with the girls sounds nearly perfect.

Yes, it's almost too hard to really allow myself to think of the pain that the Chapman family is going through; I can, however, give my own girls an extra squeeze and smooches.

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