Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The mean mommy

Okay, my last post was quite rosy. We have those days. Here's an example of...well...a different kind of day.

Cassidy's been awfully emotional lately. I have NO idea why. Anyway, yesterday I told her to go play in her room so I could work. She was being loud and I couldn't hear my recording. She cried and wailed and carryed on and I heard her saying, "She doesn't love me. She hates me. She only loves Courtney." Eventually, she got distracted and forgot she was having a fit. Today, I told her to go clean up her room before Daddy gets home. She started crying. I told her if she continued to cry about it, she couldn't play with her toys tomorrow. She is now in her room saying, "You hurt my feelings and breaked by heart." Oy vey!

I have pictures. I do. They are on my new camera. Once I figure out how to get them to my computer, I'll share them ;)

The meanest mommy in the universe signing off...


Howard and Kim said...

Sorry, you can't claim the meanest mommy title. I think it is already taken. ;)

Jill and Rick said...

chuckling in missouri, . . . oh these girls!! I think Annie's personality is quite similar to Cassidy's!

Hope you're being nicer today, Martha!


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