Monday, August 18, 2008

First day of school, birthday, summer treat

Cassidy is officially a kindergartner! This is not your typical first day of school picture, I guess, but it's ours! She is very excited and is blowing the kindergarten curriculum away.

Courtney's not too excited. She's been there, done that. She's officially a 6th grader. Once again, how'd that happen when she was just born the other day?
Summer treats sometimes require extra measures so as not to freeze the hands.
Courtney's 11! Wow! Getting mighty close to those teen years.
Daddy LOVES to aggravate his girls. Right after the 11 candles were extinguished, Daddy pushed a Courtney button and she went after him. He can still handle himself, but it's getting harder. Have I ever mentioned that Courtney was born in the year of the ox? She's strong!


Howard and Kim said...

Thanks for sharing. Seeing this post makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. Family. When done right, family is one of our biggest blessings. It looks like you and Matt are doing it right. I hope Howard and I can do the same.

Jill and Rick said...

Happy Birthday Courtney! There is no way you could be 11 now!

I love the back to school pictures too. (& the potholder-for-popsicle pic! I bet your girls keep you laughing every day!) I'm excited too for school and fall, but a little sad to say goodbye to summer this year . . .


fouros said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. No, you are not alone or crazy in your homeschool adventure! I will be attending BA BSF this fall so I'll miss seeing you!

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