Friday, August 29, 2008

School's in full swing

Okay. First things first. Notice the new banner? Matt said the old one was girly. It reflected "the girls" part of our title. This one reflects the Matt part a little better.

Shall I explain this photo? My friend CJ put photos of her melon crop on her blog. Well, not to be outdone, this is my melon crop. Hers was a little more plentiful, but my garden's a little smaller. I grew a GIANT cantloupe vine with lots of blooms and got one perfect melon. It was tasty! School's in full swing. Both girls are doing great. Miss Cassidy is zooming through K stuff. We're now covering the stuff intended for Christmas time. I think we might be doing first grade by then.

I try to do something a little more fun on Fridays in addition to the regular stuff. Don't worry, we did the three R's already! We made our own fingerpaint. It didn't work as well as the store bought kind, but it was MUCH cheaper. This is when we first started. I must admit it descended into Courtney chasing Cassidy around the house with yucky hands.
Cassidy's a very careful painter. She made a butterfly surrounded by rainbow colors. Very nice.Courtney started neatly and...
then went for a more modern art feel.

It was fun and no floors or clothing was ruined. My fingers are red, but I'm sure it'll fade!


Jill and Rick said...

Martha, the fingerpaint and painting looks like a lot of fun! & you SHOULD be proud of your one, lonely melon. ;-) Looks delish!


Howard and Kim said...

Love the new banner. Oddly enough, I have just changed mine too. Great minds think alike, right? :)

Sounds like school is going G-R-E-A-T!! Homemade fingerpaint, huh? We may have to try that.

And, can I say, I admire your gardening skills? I seem to kill everything I plant....

Have a wonderful weekend!

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