Monday, October 27, 2008

Conspicuous family

I took a picture on my cell phone of the moment I'm going to describe, but I can't figure out how to transfer it to my computer, so...use your imagination.

This afternoon, Cassidy was playing in the play area at my doctor's office while I waited for my appointment. There was another little girl in there playing. They looked to be about the same age and made friends instantly. My back was to them, but I could hear them talking. Here's the conversation.
The little girl said, "Where is your mom?"
Cassidy:"She's right there."
I waved backwards over my shoulder.
The little girl: "Right there? Then how come you look Mexican?"
Cassidy, "I was born in China."
The little girl: "Oh."
Cassidy adds: "We're going to see my lady some day who took care of me."
Then they went back to their playing.

I really hope we get to see "her lady" some day. She's counting on it even though we've told her the lady may not be at the orphange.

I've been cracking up all afternoon about looking Cassidy looking Mexican. That little girl was adorable. Cassidy took in in stride.



Howard and Kim said...

"Cassidy took it in stride." I LOVE that!! It tells me she feels pretty good about who she is and her conspicuous family. :) I can certainly picture it in my mind. Better yet, my heart is loving it!! Thanks for sharing!


Jill and Rick said...

Wonderful story, Martha!


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