Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Painting

The girls and I decided instead of carving a pumpkin this year, we would just paint it. It was a beautiful day yesterday and the girls really seemed to enjoy this. Courtney was in charge, and Cassidy was happy to do what her sissy told her to do.

Posing with the pumpkin.

Posing for pictures. I love this giggly one!

The sillies take over once again.


Jill and Rick said...

Oh, these are wonderful sister pictures, Martha! I'm so emotional this morning (had to run over to Adam's old high school for a few minutes). Let me just say to treasure every moment with your darlings!


Howard and Kim said...

I love the photos of your girls. You need frames. :) These are keepers, even the silly ones. :)

We've purchase our pumpkin but haven't managed to find time to decorate the 'ol boy yet.

I think we may possibly be running out of time....

Thanks for sharing the fun and the giggles!

Howard and Kim said...

Okay, don't approve this comment, just read it. --Grin--

To change the order of your posts, go to the edit page. Click on "edit" for the one you want to change. When the edit screen shows up, look in the bottom left corner of the edit screen. Click on "Post options" You'll see a date box that will easily let you change the date and time of the post. Easy sneezy!! There, I've shared just about all I know about blogspot. Gotta get myself to bed. Tomorrow is a big day...

Love the giggles by the way. I hope we get to hear them in person soon!

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